About Us Get to know SignatureConfirm.com

SignatureConfirm.com was developed in 2007 by Keeton Harrington, owner of Danifer Web Services.

It's built for anyone who needs a simple way to send a contract online. If that's something that might help you in your day to day business or personal life, that's why we're here. Whether you're buying an overseas company or making a deal with friends, we're here to help.

The idea came about when one of our customers in the business of home inspections asked if we could add a contract with an agreement form to their existing website. He wanted something that customers could digitally sign and agree to online.

Apparently, this company was required by their insurance carrier to have each customer sign a hold-harmless agreement in order to have insurance. Since the operation was basically a one man show, it was extremely difficult for him to add in the two or three day delay in order to get the contracts back.

He realized that he was causing an inconvenience for his customers, and in some cases, losing them altogether!

What really motivated me to help was that he was a small business man. He didn't have the resources to hire a legal team, and his need was fairly straightforward. He just needed something for his business that hadn't already been addressed.

Since I couldn't find another service online to help him, I built SignatureConfirm.

--Keeton Harrington
March 27, 2007

A contract is a symbol representing the honor and integrity of the people behind it.

We recommend you use our site to create agreements that do what they're supposed to do: define who does what, where the lines of responsibility are drawn, and formalize agreements. If you think you're going to end up in court over something, you should probably rethink doing it in the first place.