FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Our site lets you write a contract, send it by email, and get a signature in just a few minutes with no faxing, paper or pens required.
You write your contract online and send it to your recipient(s). They get a signature code in their email. They use the code to read the contract and make their signature.
A digital signature can be many things. For the purposes of this site, a digital signature occurs when an individual creates a contract and the recipient approves the document using their web browser and the forms provided.
A digital signature is similar to a pen and ink signature because it expresses the signer's intent. From a legal point of view, the vehicle used in a transaction is less important than the signer's ability to assign a symbol that expresses their intent.
Electronic signatures are quickly being adopted by legislation both in the United States and around the world. Because legislation varies in the US from state to state and in other parts of the world, we encourage you to research the laws in your area before using this service. Read more about legal issues in the legal section of our web site.
Recordkeeping is essential in both our personal and business lives and sometimes the only way to hold parties responsible is with a signed document. The purpose of this service is to avoid the time consuming process of signing documents via courier, fax, or mail

Online contracts can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend chasing after customers, clients, and other individuals trying to get a document signed. With SignatureConfirm.com, the entire transaction is online and both parties have access to the records.
Use our service to create electronic documents for clients, individuals, employees, or businesses. They'll have the opportunity to look over your document, and if they choose, agree to your terms. Both parties will have a lasting, online record of their contract and can print off a copy of the signed document for their files. With SignatureConfirm.com, you can:

  • Draft online contracts to customers, individuals, employees, etc.
  • Reduce the effort and paperwork involved in getting a signature.
  • Make recordkeeping easier with electronic documents.
As business owners ourselves, we not only run SignatureConfirm.com, but we use it as well! In addition to owning and operating this web site, we also run a free url tracking service, sell an ITAR compliance guide, and retail ebooks on how to import. We use SignatureConfirm:

  • To establish non-disclosure/non-compete agreements with outsourced vendors;
  • To confirm the scope of work on new projects with our customers;
  • To establish rates and pricing for maintenance contracts;
  • To set deliverability requirements with our outsourced designers and coders;
  • And to outline expectations, salaries, and job descriptions for our new employees.
Contracts created with a free account expire 10 days after they've been emailed. You can upgrade your account at any time to activate expired contracts.
We don't provide pre-written contracts on the web site because it would make us liable for their use. Instead, we suggest that you consult with your legal advisor and ask them to draft a contract specifically for your needs. Once written, you can copy and paste that contract into our system. If you've already used a contract before, look for the "Clone" button on the contract page so you don't have to re-type another draft.
All of the contracts imported from our version 1.0 software are considered "legacy" contracts and are marked with the legacy symbol. They won't expire or count against the number of contracts you can make, even if you have a free account.
You can change the logo or turn it off entirely. Look for those options in your account preferences.