How It Works And how to make it work for you

  1. Write your contract

    Write your contract

    Create a new document from scratch, copy and paste it from another application, or re-use a contract you've already sent. You can ask for a single signature, or require initials on individual sections.

  2. Choose your recipients

    Choose your recipients

    Pick one recipient for your contract, or as many as you want. All you need is an email address and a name.

  3. Send it

    Send it

    Your signature request is sent by email as soon as you're ready. Your recipients will get an email with a link to view and sign your document. Delivery happens in a few short minutes. Not days or weeks with fax or postal mail.

  4. Get it signed

    Get it signed

    Each recipient gets a unique code created just for them that they can use to digitally sign your contract. Once signed, they can use the same code to come back and look at your contract whenever they want.

  5. Track everything

    Track everything

    Monitor the life of every agreement you create so you can see when they're signed, who looks at them, and who's signatures you're waiting on. We combine all of that data so you can see how long it takes your contracts to get signed, which ones have been out for too long, and which ones are complete.

  6. Find it when you need it

    Find it when you need it

    Do you have hundreds or thousands of contracts? Our powerful search features let you find what you're looking for when you need it.

  7. It all starts here

    It all starts here

    Ready to take a test drive? Remember - our free account has access to every feature. Try it now and decide for yourself.