Features What you get

Quick response

Send contracts in minutes, not days. When you create a contract with SignatureConfirm, your contract can be signed electronically by anyone with email and access to the internet. Cut your response time to minutes instead of days for fax or mailed contracts.

White label service

Remove our logo from your finished contracts for a polished, professional look.

Custom logos and branded contracts

Use your own logo and company brand on all of your contracts!

"Contract Signed" email alerts

Get an email alert when your contract is signed.

Measure your success rate with our easy performance summary

We keep track of how many contracts you have out for signature, how long your documents take to cycle and more!

Complete audit trail

We document every move made on each contract and give you access to the complete history for your records.

Unlimited drafts

Write as many drafts as you want and keep them as long as you need.

Printable .pdf contracts

You and your recipients can download and view your contracts anytime in .pdf format.

Upload your own files

Upload your own documents as attachments.

Include multiple recipients on the same contract

Have a contract with multiple parties? You can include an unlimited number of recipients on your contracts.

Require initials on some parts of your contract

Ask your recipient to initial certain parts of your contract as needed.

Mark portions of your contract for special action

Mark sections of your contract for careful review, comment, or questions.

Know when your contract gets read

Know who's accessing your contract and when. We keep a record of when your contract is read.

Archive old contracts without deleting them

If you have lots of agreeements that you don't want to delete, just add them to your archive. Find them anytime using our advanced search features.

Copy and re-use contracts

Clone and re-use an existing contract with the touch of a button. Just add new recipients and you're ready to go!

Email notification when your contract is signed

Get an email alert when your contract is signed and complete.